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10 Bands/artists you should be listening to right now

A popular trend on Facebook this past month has been posting 10 bands that you’ve seen in concert – 9 of them must be true and one should be a lie. You then ask your friends to guess which one isn’t correct.

I thought it would be fun to share my love of music with my friends by helping them discover new (or “new to you”) bands/artists that I’ve enjoyed recently.  Maybe then we can actually go see them in concert and we can add them to our list.


I’m a sucker for tight harmonies and a folky/rootsy sound.


This group reminds me of everything I loved about The Civil Wars.


Lez be honest…I’m also a sucker for cute girls who sing fun, poppy music.  Reminds of me of when Tegan & Sara went pop.

Tank and the Bangas

Wildly fun and completely original New Orleans outfit.  A little spoken word, hip-hop, and R&B.


Tight harmonies mixed with electronic pop.  Can’t go wrong. Think Sylvan Esso, but more fun.


Super chill and fun.

Margaret Glaspy

She’s a bad ass guitarist with a super chill vibe and fantastic voice.

Miniature Tigers

Pretty new to me, but I love their poppy sound.


Not gonna lie…this song originally grabbed me b/c it reminds me of ELO.  This is a super-group made of folks from Band of Horses and Franz Ferdinand.


A punk/pop group that is unabashedly queer.  I love everything about them.